Services: Rectification

If your vehicle requires rectification prior to sale, the Auctions 247 team can provide professional car repair services to save you time and improve your final sales price. It’s one simple journey to drop your vehicle or vehicles off for valuation, rectification and sale at our Invermay location. Our experienced auto repair specialists can carry out dent removal, paint and chip repairs, windscreen repairs and trim repair as required to restore your vehicle’s appearance to its full potential.

When is rectification a good idea?

This service is available for personal vehicles, rental cars, fleet cars and government vehicles, all with competitive pricing. We can carry out work on newly purchased cars, utes and bikes if you just secured a great price for a vehicle with less-than-perfect bodywork condition, as well as providing a quote on how much it might cost to make these repairs prior to auction. Our focus is on providing cost-effective repairs and part replacements that will maximise the value of your vehicle and minimise costs if you’re selling that vehicle.

Don’t let a minor scrape undermine your sales price or stop you from enjoying that new purchase! Contact our local Auctions 247 team in Invermay and arrange a quote today.